Truck tyre casing management Goole, East Yorkshire

As part of our fleet management package, we offer our customers a tailored casing management service to suit their needs.

APT Tyre Distributor’s owner Alan Payling has previous experience working for Vaculug, one of the UK’s leading casing graders and retreading agents.

A truck tyre casing is a valuable asset, and if looked after properly, it can be used in the manufacturing of retreaded tyres.

Working with selected partners, we ensure that your casings are inspected and graded accordingly.

Using a casing bank system, customers are able to submit suitable tyres for retreading, and can then withdraw them for use on their vehicles –¬†reducing costs across your fleet and giving you even more value from your original tyre.

If you don’t use retreads on your own vehicles, the casing agent will submit a report and purchase any suitable end of life casings for use elsewhere.

Suitability and rates will vary by size and manufacturer, as well as the condition of the casing.

For more information on any aspect of our casing management service, please contact us to speak to a member of our team!


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